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Driving 2013 BMW 535i M Sport Package POV

Driving 2013 BMW 535i M Sport Package BiTurbo. In this video you can hear how quiet or how loud the exhaust sound is when the engine has high rpm and also the sound in normal driving conditions.

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2012 | BMW 535i (F10) POV Test Drive + Acceleration 0 - 240 km/h + Powersliding

This BMW is simply Mercedes from Münich. BMW driving pleasure? What is it. But comfort while you are cruising is unbelievably well... #BMW535 #BMW #Autobahn

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BMW 535-E60 tranny shifts into neutral while driving;03100,054C6, 02A94, crankshaft sensor - solved

Engine malfunction , engine reduced power
Transmission shifts into neutral while driving and engine idling eratic.
Smell a bit of unburnt fuel
Engine did not run smoothly - intermittent engine error codes
“ IDrive” - Malfunction in Transmission .
Error codes:
0054C6 - Transfer case oil life exceeded
003100 - engine performance
Transmission error display on Idriver
Engine half -power displayed on dashboard
002A94 - this one did not come on till a week later with problem on and off.

This video shows the steps I went through and how I got to crankshaft sensor issue.
Scanners type I used.
- DIY how I replaced crankshaft position sensor.

Real head scratcher!




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